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i write one direction smuts so please give me prompts and such i will be more than happy to read them and create a one shot for you all (:
Anonymous: Stupid Question: how do girls masturbate and what to? - a dude

just type it in, but usually though rubbing their clit etc

Anonymous: Would you roleplay with me, on hotmail? (:

sure whats your hotmail babe?x

Larry One Shot

Okay so this is really bad, i hope you like it though(:

Title: Something New
Rating: R

Pairing: Louis Tommo + Harry Styles

"Lou" Harry purred and battered his eye lashes, slowly crawling over to Louis, it was obvious he wanted something and Louis knew just what it was too. "No" He said bluntly getting off of the sofa and walking to the kitchen, Harry pouted and wasn’t prepared to back down just yet, "But Lou it will be good i promise" he moaned frustrated that Louis didn’t want to try, it would be fun- Harry had asked his other gay friends what rimming was like and they said it was amazing, you couldn’t blame Harry for wanting to try it. 

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new tumblr guys! please send me one direction promps! im open for anything!